Our house rules

Dear guests!

We aim to make you feel at home in our house.
Our goal is that you, your collagues, your co-workers and our other guests feel comfortable at all times. In order to achieve our goal we kindly ask you to read and adhere to the following few rules.


Should you miss something in our house or if there is something we can do for you, please simply let us know. We will be glad to assist you at any time.

Please be careful with the furniture so that guests who visit after you find everything in place and intact.

Please inform us immediately, should some damage occur. In most cases this can be regulated quickly and conveniently by insurance.

Please make sure that your collagues and co-workers comply with these house rules too.

The shared kitchen:

Please clean used dishes and cutlery without delay, so that our other guests always avail of clean dishes and kitchen tools. The kitchen will be cleaned once a day.

Important: The waste separation:

Please seperate your waste carefully. You will find containers in our kitchen or our backyard.


Please do not smoke in your rooms. Smoking is allowed in outdoor areas only.

Your bath room:

We clean the bath rooms once daily. Please vent the room after having had a shower in order to let the humidity out. Please do not dispose of leftover food into the toilet.

Rest periods:

In order for you and your collagues to get enough sleep at night and wake up rested in the morning, we kindly ask you to comply with the following rest periods:

22:00-7:00 night rest
13:00-15:00 day rest

We appreciate your due diligence:

Please close all windows and doors before you leave your rooms.
Also make sure that all lights and the hearth/oven are turned off.

Items of value:

We are not liable for any damages, loss or compensation claims.


Our guests are handed out 2 keys. One for the house and one for their rooms. In case of the loss of a key, the replacement of the entire locking system becomes necessary. The guest is responsible for the cost!


Please use the marked parking lots on our property only. Should there be no more free parking lots, keep in mind possible bans or time restrictions on public parkings.

Source: http://www.deutschland-monteurzimmer.de